About The Garden

Brighton Festival Fringe 2021 A garden is a private space. It belongs to its owner, doesn’t it? But who owns it and why are strangers invading his personal domain? These questions are answered, but offer no comfort, only confusion. The… Continue Reading


Dancing In The Dark

Dancing in the Dark

Brighton Festival Fringe (2016) Dancing in the Dark This popular Brighton based company has created original promenade performances in the Fringe for many years. Their new, lively production is staged in a welcoming house with a charming garden, offering visitors… Continue Reading


Art in Heaven


Brighton Festival (2013) The White Room at Phoenix Brighton A student – disturbed by sexually explicit photographs and besotted by dead women’s paintings – experiences bizarre visions as she struggles with doubts.  A working art room is transformed into a… Continue Reading


After Money

After Money (2011) Brighton Festival Fringe – at the Regency Town House A solitary figure stares unblinkingly at the dusty walls. Strains of music come and go. Familiar faces appear and disappear. Where is he? What is happening?  He recognizes… Continue Reading


Above Below

Above Below Brighton Festival Fringe (2010) – at the Regency Town House Nothing changes. Each year they return. The house remains the same. The high-ceilinged rooms are gloomy; it is rare to see bright shafts of sunlight squeeze through the shuttered… Continue Reading