Art in Heaven


Brighton Festival (2013)

The White Room at Phoenix Brighton

A student – disturbed by sexually explicit photographs and besotted by dead women’s
paintings – experiences bizarre visions as she struggles with doubts.  A working art room is
transformed into a whirligig – peopled by celebrated artists – where past and present seem
to collide, merge and dissolve, raising tantalising questions about art and life.

Inspired by the work of Gwen John, Frida Kahlo, Georgia O’Keefe and Jeff Koons, this
site specific performance will be the ELEVENTH production by  WIRED THEATRE for the
Brighton Fringe.

The Cast

  • Gillian Eddison
  • Angela Ferns
  • Judith Horth
  • Robin Humphreys
  • Janette Legge
    Jackie Thomas


  • Sylvia Vickers


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  1. I recently came to a performance of Art in Heaven, which I enjoyed very much. I was impressed by the quality of the performances from all actors, and could see how demanding each role was. I learned things about Gwen John and Georgia O’Keefe which I hadn’t known, and always love to hear about Frieda Kahlo. This was a brave piece which combined a love of art with performance in an unusual and typically challenging way for Wired.

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