About The Garden

Brighton Festival Fringe 2021

A garden is a private space. It belongs to its owner, doesn’t it? But who owns it and why are strangers invading his personal domain? These questions are answered, but offer no comfort, only confusion.

The setting for this quirky, original performance is a charming garden where three couples become embroiled in a mayhem of mishaps and mistaken identities. Past, present and future collide, unearthing secrets, destabilising realities and changing perspectives.

Devised in the bleak Covid winter, WIRED THEATRE has created a sprightly, light-hearted romp on a Hove lawn. This unique entertainment marks WIRED THEATRE’s twentieth appearance in the Brighton Fringe and continues its ethos of making work in non-theatrical spaces. The authentic garden provides a colourful backdrop for a surprising and imaginative fiction.



4 Rigden Road, Hove. BN3 6NP

The Cast

  • Jaqueline Andrews
  • Jenny Brown
  • Gillian Eddison
  • Robin Humphreys
  • Edgar Taljaard
  • Jackie Thomas
  • Graham White


  • Sylvia Vickers