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Wired Theatre usually invite their audience to put any thoughts or comments into a
visitors book after the performance.

Below are a small selection of responses from the audience.

I recently came to a performance of Art in Heaven, which I enjoyed very much. I was impressed by the quality of the performances from all actors, and could see how demanding each role was. I learned things about Gwen John and Georgia O'Keefe which I hadn't known, and always love to hear about Frieda Kahlo. This was a brave piece which combined a love of art with performance in an unusual and typically challenging way for Wired.
(J Wilde)

Thank you so much for this memorable piece of theatre that you treated Alison and me to on Sunday 13th at 14:00. It's your kind of innovation that made the trip to the festival worthwhile to me – the concept, the execution, and the performances were outstanding!
(Tim Smart)

One of our Fringe favourites was Wired Theatre's Gone But Not Forgotten, in a small terrace house on 'Shakespeare Street'. The audience is literally on the set with the actors, guided from room to room as the narrative jumps from the past to the present, thus making the experience purely voyeuristic.

Successfully weaves itís way around and through us, as if we were the ghosts; observing and unseen. Flickers, residues and half-stories are pieced together through overheard conversations and chance encounters. The various dimensions of relationships between the characters are revealed in detailed and artfully specific work by the performers; sometimes obvious and theatrical, sometimes private, subtle and only revealed by a curious glance through a window. These subtleties were beautifully placed and orchestrated, contrasting with set pieces and wide-ranging soundscapes.

PARK PLAY (2006)
A wonderful opportunity to listen in on all those park people and conversations you always wonder about with relative impunity.
(Kathy Meakin)

A lovely evening the characters will keep on playing here forever.
(Alex P)

Truly innovative and intriguing character development and use of space.
(Kath Perry - Grassroots)

An astonishing mixture of styles matched by a superb choice of venue, funny, fascinating and highly entertaining.

You've perfected the theatre of the grotesque. Really excellent.
(Peter F)

One of the most interesting pieces of theatre I've seen. Performance in the house gave it tremendous atmosphere - Wonderful!
(Rosie Page)

A great mix of talent.
(Peter Drummond)

Excellent performances quite compelling!!
(Pippa Smith)

Thrilling to be so close! Each scene had enough drama to stand alone - so the final video bringing it all together was a bonus.
(Andrew P)

Chills and thrills! Keeps you guessing ! Great fun.
(Christine Drummond)

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